Sunday, August 23, 2009

Leaving Your Headquarters

After surviving the initial surge of zombies it is time to venture out and explore your local area, hopefully even finding other survivors much like yourself. Much like Shawn, from Shawn of the Dead, you to will need a group to lead.

Before venturing out into the wild you will need to equip yourself with some essential supplies. To begin with be sure that you bring with you as much firepower as possible. Unlike many videos games lead us to believe, zombies must be shot in the head, 15 shots to the torso does nothing if they can bite they will try to gte brains. A missing, arm or leg will barely hinder these beasts, a head shot is required. Just imagine your favorite zombie shooter on hard, and amplify that by a power of 22 THOUSAND!

Along with your mercing supplies you should also bring as much alcohol with you as possible. In the times following a zombie invasion it is essential that your liquid courage is raging. It will be just like college, except without all the parties, and good times. So basically it will be like finals week.

After packing both of these essentials it is time to consider your food and drug situation. Food is always nice to have, but depending on how many humans you think you might run into a few drugs for trading might be a good idea. Most drugs are fairly easy to carry, and because there are no cops this is your one real chance to feel like a true gangster without risking arrest. That's right after the zombie invasion you will be able to openly use drugs, and drink in public, or even *gasp* drink underage! If only pre 2012 was like this parties would kick so much ass.

After gathering all your supplies it is time to head out into the great wild. Gather your courage, drink your alcohol, and run outside into the light screaming with joy. Zombies might have surrounded you area, there might be one hapless zombie, or you might be surrounded by nothing, just do what Chuck Noris would do

Merc any of the zombies which might be located near by you, and then proceed to explore your surroundings. Try to avoid dark areas, just like Will Smith did in I Am Legend, and at all costs make sure you have a pimpin ride. If you have to die let it be in a blaze of glory, blasting some good old rock n roll, screaming your favorite lines to your favorite movie and driving a pimpin car.

After reading through all of this you should feel confident about your abilities to fight back come the 2012 zombie invasion. There is still hope of preventing a zombie invasion, and in the coming weeks, months and years I will be keeping your informed on the latest news regarding the armies of the underworld. Until the stay safe, be prepared to merc, and keep checking my page for all the latest news on the upcoming zombie invasion. Remember Nazi Zombies, and Left 4 Dead aren't just games, they are life savers (come a zombie invasion).

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